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 Important Message!!

June 30, 2020

Dear Friends:

As we get closer to the reopening of the Center Thrift Store (hopefully the first week of August), we wanted to share what’s been happening at The Center in the past few months.

During the Pandemic shut-down, we’ve made many improvements to The Center. A facelift, to include cleaning all surfaces, repainting walls, waxing floors and resetting clothing racks to allow for more shopping floor space, were some of the projects.  In addition, a construction crew is revamping spaces for a new donation room, where items can sit to be “safely” sorted after a period of time.  On the Food Pantry side, another space is being turned into additional food storage, which will house extra freezers and an area for fresh produce as it arrives.

Since mid-March, we have been able to operate the Center Food Pantry without skipping a beat, thanks to your generosity.  However, accepting donations of items for the Thrift Store must be handled differently in the future. As businesses in New York begin to carefully open doors, we are examining how the donations you’ve been waiting to bring in can be safely accepted.


We are asking for your patience with the new rules for accepting your donations. 

  • All donations must be approved in advance by arrangements made with the Center Director or Assistant to Director (Cheryl Toor or Linda Geoia).

  • Donations will be limited to quantity and quality. (Keep in mind that needy families also deserve “nice things.”) Nothing torn, stained or broken will be accepted.

  • We will not be able to accept entire households, as this sets limits on other peoples’ opportunity to donate.

  • PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUTSIDE ON OUR PROPERTY AFTER HOURS; we have recording video cameras outside our building and those who drop things will be asked to come back and get them. Anything left outside now must be put in the dumpster, no matter the quality.  The Center has to pay for disposal of items that have been dumped off illegally.

While we look forward to seeing your faces again; it is essential that the Center follows the same safety guidelines as other local businesses:  All employees/volunteers and customers must wear a mask and sanitizing stations will be placed at the entrances.  When in the store, social distancing must be obeyed.  When children come to the Center with their parents, we will be taking their temperatures.  We are eager to open our doors again, assist those in need in the Geneva community, and will strive to keep clients and safe in the process. Thank you for your continued support and patience!



Chery H. Toor, Director

Linda Geoia, Assistant




For more information on items that the Center has urgent need of and how we are responding to the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic, please check out the topics under the Current News tab on this website.

Since its beginning in 1972, the Geneva Center of Concern has provided assistance to individuals, households, and families in and around the city of Geneva, New York who have fallen upon hard times with no place else to turn. The Center acts as a safety net, a sympathetic ear, and provides a helping hand, to address critical human needs, shore up the spirits, bolster the hopes, and affirm dignity and a sense of worth for the people it serves. Food, clothing, social service referrals, and many other resources are provided to support people through difficult times and help them to improve their lives.

The Geneva Center of Concern serves those in need throughout the year in numerous ways.  Primary programs that are organized and overseen by the Director and Assistant to the Director together with assistance from many exceptional volunteers include:

  • A Food Pantry that provides food on a scheduled basis to needy individuals and families. Sources of food include federal programs such as Food Link and numerous donations from local farms, food companies, local citizens and grocery stores.  In 2019 the Pantry distributed food to 3,126 families representing 8765 individuals, thereby providing enough for 78,885 meals. 
  • A Thrift Store stocked with clothing and household items that are sold at very low prices. Individuals and families facing severe hardship receive clothing and other household necessities without charge.  In 2019, 179 Thrift Store vouchers (totaling $3,228 worth of merchandise) were provided to needy individuals with emergency needs.  Income earned from the Store helps to purchase food for the Pantry and to cover other operational costs of the Center.
  • Emergency assistance of various forms was provided to 378 individuals in 2019.
  • Annually, Operation Merry Christmas, provides families with gifts for children and food to prepare a Holiday meal.  In 2019, 734 individuals received food and gifts for family members ranging from infant to age 18.
  • A scholarship program for needy local high school students. This program continues to grow; currently three $1000 scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis annually .

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