Updates on Center Operations During the Pandemic

Bags of food prepared for distribution to clients

Volunteers are ready to assist clients an assortment of foods they can select from

Important Messages!!

Dear Friends: 

The Center Thrift Store has reopened.

Keeping in mind that we are working daily with senior volunteers, safety first is at the forefront of anything we do going forward.

We will be requiring the following upon entering the store:  masks will be worn properly at all times by customers as well as store personnel, hand sanitizer will be used at the front door and we will be taking temperatures of all children.

In addition, we’ve changed the way we are accepting donations, and we are asking for your patience as we work within state guidelines.

  • All donations will be taken in through our warehouse door, nothing comes through the store. Donors are responsible for bringing their items into the building.

  • As of August 24, we no longer limit donations to two bags. We ask that all donations are in good condition; nothing torn, stained or broken will be accepted.

  • We will not be able to accept entire households, as this sets limits on other peoples’ opportunity to donate.

We are pleased to be open once again and able to show off our “new and improved” thrift store!



Cheryl H. Toor, Director

Linda Geoia, Assistant




Volunteers ready to deliver food to clients at the Center Food Pantry

Aubrey Ubiles and her Mom bringing birthday bags to the Food Pantry for distribution

Young volunteer Josh, remaining safe and helping in restoration of the Center Thrift Store.  The Thrift store is closed during this period and we have been taking the opportunity to paint and reorganize.

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