Important Message!!

March 16, 2020

It is with an abundance of caution that we have decided to temporarily close only the Thrift Store portion of The Geneva Center of Concern.  With the COVID-19 virus being a serious concern, we need to do our best to protect our vulnerable volunteer population.  We believe that by reducing the foot traffic into our store, we are helping to do our part to reduce the potential virus impact in the Geneva community.  During this time we will not be able to accept donations of clothing and household items.  Please do not bring them to the Center.

However! The Food Pantry will remain open during normal hours (Monday-Friday, 10AM-1PM), and will be ramping up efforts to provide emergency food to neighbors in Geneva in need.  Although our usual pantry service will be changed somewhat, allowing for minimal personal contact, our dedicated volunteers will be on location, bagging food prior to client arrival as requested.  We will be delivering the food to clients at the pantry entry or carry out to your vehicle.

While we currently have a good supply of food in our warehouse, we expect it to go quickly as we enter into the second half of the month when, in normal circumstances, food supplies for families are running low.

We would greatly appreciate donations of non-perishable items, so we can continue to offer quality foods to all who ask for our help.  In addition, if you have free time, we would appreciate new volunteers, as several of our regular people have had to take a break being considered in the high-risk group.

Please see the list below of items most urgently needed during this crisis.

Thank you for your continued support of our efforts and for your understanding with what we think is the best way to handle the current situation we all face.  We hope to re-open the Thrift Store by the first of April;  a decision which will be finalized based on the restrictions placed on us by COVID-19 virus developments.


Cheryl H. Toor, Director

Geneva Center of Concern, Inc.


Urgently needed items!

Hearty soups, pasta sauce, pasta (spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, shells, etc.), spaghettios, ravioli, canned meats (chicken, tuna in water, ham) peanut butter and jelly, canned fruits, juice, pork and beans, all canned beans.  All donations are urgently needed and most welcome.  The Geneva Center of Concern has been assisting your neighbors in need since 1972.

The Center has a continued need for baby items including formula (especially Similac and Enfamil – (store brands are fine) and larger diapers, sizes 4-6.

Clothing remains in short supply and Thrift Store patronage continues to grow.  Please consider going through your closets and donating clothing that is lightly worn.  Clothing for all ages is needed.  It will be greatly appreciated by those less fortunate in the Geneva community.

Thank you for considering these donations.

Volunteers organizing food purchases and donations that are being distributed through the Center of Concern Food Pantry.  Although the Center’s Thrift Store is currently closed, assorted foods are being provided to families in need during the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic.

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