The Food Pantry is open Monday-Friday, 10AM-1PM and we are continuing to operate in “safe mode” to provide emergency food to Geneva neighbors in need.  We are pleased to once again be able to  have customers  enter the Pantry, wearing a mask, to obtain their food items  For more information about Center operations  please check out messages under the Current News tab of this website.


The Geneva Center of Concern operates a Food Pantry which is vital to the well-being of needy individuals in the Geneva community. The Pantry is a primary source of food for needy families and single individuals of all age groups. In 2021 the Pantry distributed food on a scheduled regular basis to 4,643 families representing 12,126 individuals.  These numbers translate to providing 109,134 meals to needy families in our community.  Once again we have seen a significant increase in Pantry customers compared to 2020, demonstrating the critical need of many families to receive food.

The Pantry has been able to assist those in need because of the generosity of countless individuals, churches, agencies and companies who contribute gifts, food, donations and volunteer hours throughout the years. When contributing to The Center, you can be assured that your donations are going directly to those in need and are making a difference in the Geneva community.

Well-stocked Pantry shelves waiting for customers on food distribution days. Local food companies and individuals frequently help to keep our shelves stocked and respond to periodic critical periods.

Fresh vegetable options for customers made possible by donations from farmers and gardeners.

Gabby prepares a food package for a customer in the Food Pantry

Local farmers and gardeners generously provide in-season fresh produce for Pantry customers.

Food packages prepared and ready for customers to pick up.
Sue selecting dairy items for customers in the Food Pantry
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