The Center budgets for three scholar awards of $1000.00 each year to be given to 3 Geneva High School seniors to assist with their college education costs. A competitive application process was used.  There were 7 applications received by the deadline of 5/20/20.  Each application was evaluated by each committee member and ranked one through seven, one being the highest rank.
There were some truly outstanding applicants this year and on completion of the votes there were 2 applications tied for the third award. The committee was granted another $1000 from the Center Board thereby allowing 4 scholarships to be presented . The 4 students recipients for 2020 are;
Dugan Doeblin
Katherine Ergil
Jeilyn Hernandez
Laila Taylor
Congratulations to each of them and we are thankful for our partnership with Geneva High School.
Geneva Center of Concern Awards Committee:  Ann Bergstrom, Karen Fouracre, Maria
Achilles, Michael Osborne (Chairperson) 5/22/2020

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