Cheryl Toor (standing) and Linda Geoia


The Geneva Center of Concern has been able to effectively operate with one full-time (Director) and one part-time (Assistant to the Director) staff positions.  Volunteers remain essential implementing programs and daily services to clients.

Cheryl Toor: Director

The Director oversees all daily operations at the Center and works closely with the Board of Directors on ongoing and future goals for programs, building projects, fund-raising and more.  The Director also prepares and delivers Center communications to the Community.

During a typical day, the Director speaks with individuals to identify their immediate needs, and then provides additional assistance by making referrals to appropriate agencies, and providing vouchers for free clothing and household items and medications. Oftentimes, these individuals walk in off the streets, having exhausted all other resources. Homeless, unemployed, single parents, underemployed and the elderly, all are welcome at The Center.


Linda Geoia: Assistant to the Director:

This part-time position is also of critical importance to the Center.  The assistant is trained to fill in for the Director as needed, plans the layout of the sales floor and fills in at the pantry as needed. In addition to daily responsibilities, the Assistant to the Director is leading the organization of the Operation Merry Christmas program.

The Director and Assistant to the Director oversee the work of all volunteers in all sectors of Center operations. 




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